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Media Region provides the highest quality voice termination to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), VoIP, and mobile networks in the industry. Through our nationwide facilities-based network, proprietary rate management and routing intelligence system, on-net capabilities, direct peering partners, and high quality off-net vendors, Media Region can terminate your local, long distance, and international calls with confidence and at highly competitive rates.

Media Region services are available to both wholesale and retail carriers across the world. Regardless of you being an LDI operator, mobile operator, calling-card operator, broadband telephony service provider, call-center, or even a small call-shop owner, we are equipped with the right systems and expertise to serve your wholesale voice needs efficiently and effectively.

Media Region serves more than 400 carriers, ranging from the world’s largest telecom carriers to small companies. Media Region can enhance the success of your international business with our unmatched portfolio of international voice products and value added services.

Call Centers

Individual routing

Media Region do not provide A-Z price list, because we develop individual tariff plan for each customer, who has specific demands for destinations, quality level, traffic type, payment methods etc. It helps us to provide the highest QoS at the most competitive market rates. All routes terminate via stable, high-quality providers. Such routing delivers the best possible wholesale termination service. Our provides both the highest quality and most advanced feature set combined with extremely competitive market rates. Routes managed to maximize direct termination.

Self-service portal

Customers can analyze their voice traffic using online self-care portal. It provides detailed statistics, calls recording, CDR reports, top-up facilities and control of traffic costs.

Unlimited channel capacity

Unlimited call channels in and out of your cloud or premised-based system makes your phone service instantly scalable to onboard new agents and capacity without preparation. Connect every call – channel limits no longer block calls.

Technical support

At Media Region we understand the critical importance that 24x7 network operations support plays in customer loyalty. That is why we are committed to continuously improving quality, to enable you to grow top and bottom line revenue, to do business more efficiently and optimize the end-user experience.

Account Management

Our account managers will be available every day to help you with all your needs. Your account manager on a regular basis:

  • review your traffic, routes and rates on a regular basis
  • work with you to ensure your business with Media Region reflects your current and evolving business needs (e.g. new routes, new products, new geographies, new deals)
  • help you to control traffic costs
  • provide strategic advice about voice traffic management

Each account manager is an expert within a big portfolio of countries, ensuring that Media Region always delivers the right quality at the best possible rates for each destination.